Pete Richards



I use my keyboard more often than my trackpad and a CLI more often than a GUI. I'm not afraid of using an IDE or learning new tools, I simply prefer tools that get out of my way and allow me be creative.

My current toolchain is as follows:


Logyx LLCMountain View, California

Software Engineer at NASA AmesApril 2015 to present

Lead developer for the Open MCT framework. Contribute to development of open-source multimission telemetry processing and visualization toolkit. Travel frequently to work with end users and mission customers to gather requirements, prioritize and plan development efforts, organize test efforts, and deliver resulting products to flying missions.

MerchbarSan Francisco, California

DeveloperFebruary 2014 to April 2015

Led development on Merchbar's core services, APIs, web presences, and iOS app. Built and maintained integrations with Magento, Shopify, Goodsie, and a number of bespoke ecommerce systems. Front end development efforts were focused on building responsive websites with excellent SEO structure, while ensuring new features could be rolled out quickly. Back end development efforts were focused on integrating with multiple third parties and providing a robust and standardized interface for ecommerce activities.

ChuteSan Francisco, California

DeveloperApril 2013 to January 2014

Led front end development on Chute's self-service tools, gaining a deep understanding of Backbone and Marionette. Wrote and tested a custom framework for generating and publishing live media displays while reusing components across projects, and contributed vision and guidance to other projects (both backend and frontend) where necessary.

Refer.lySan Francisco, California

Web DeveloperJanuary 2013 to March 2013

Wrote, tested, and deployed a number of features for including inline editing, improved drag and drop, dynamic page generation and pagination.

OrderNearSan Francisco, California

Co-FounderJune 2012 to Present

Technical co-founder. Wondering what it's about? Shoot me an email.

Homeless Prenatal ProgramSan Francisco, California

Lead Application DeveloperNovember 2008 to June 2012

Met with end users, managers, and executive staff to understand organizational needs and gather requirements for enhancements to existing application. Wrote user stories and produced design documentation for new features, and then built and deployed said new features. Wrote and maintained unit and behavior tests with more than 80% code coverage. Assisted in contract negotiation and grant writing by contributing knowledge of organization's methods and outcomes. Provided planning and organizational assistance to various teams.

Sarai LLCSan Francisco, California

Windows Support EngineerJuly 2008 to November 2008

Provided hardware, infrastructure, and software support to non-profit organizations with up to 100 users. Wrote systems documentation, developed budgets. Assisted clients in developing IT policies and procedures and writing grant proposals.

Harder Mechanical ContractorsPortland, Oregon

Systems AdministratorMay 2007 to September 2007

Managed Windows domain and provided end user support. Planned, budgeted, and executed setup of new field offices.


Web Development, Systems Administration June 2002 - Present

My father was a huge nerd; my technical learnings started early. At age seven I had access to our family computer: a 486 with QBASIC. When we weren't playing on the 486, we were launching model rockets or rebuilding one of our old volkswagens. I have the pleasure to work in a field that I enjoy, and I'm always willing to get involved and help a company or individual reach their goals. I've worked with numerous clients over the years in various capabilities-- most recently with TCB Courier, a San Francisco based company.

side projects

TenThousandPushups.comFebruary 2012

Ten thousand push-ups by the end of the year? Join the challenge. A simple to use website for logging push-ups and competing with friends.

BitTrainerNovember 2011

Developed a prototype Android application for tracking workouts at the gym. Focus on ease of use, simplicity in design and "siri-like" interactions with text to speech and voice recognition.

Arduino Sous VideFebruary 2011

Shortly after eating my first sous vide egg, I programmed an Arduino PID controller and built a sous vide cooker. The taste of a perfectly done rare steak cooked by your own sous vide machine is second to none.

The Local PlayerMay 2010 to July 2010

Using Python, the Django framework, and the SoundManager library, I built a web application to stream my personal music library (too large to store on a mobile device) to any html5 device. I used the app for an entire year, retiring it when Google Music was released.